Sucafina Originals

We think you should be able to have your quality and afford it too.

With our Sucafina Originals, you can get everything you want, and more.

  1. Consistency and sustainability at accessible prices? Check.
  2. Good for the farmer? Check.
  3. Good for the roaster? Check.

Our efficient and vertically-integrated supply chains mean you can have it all. Our experienced QC origin teams specially select every coffee that makes its way into these high-quality blends. We focus on whole-harvest sourcing, producer resilience and roaster success. This means consistent quality that you can rely on. Don’t compromise. Get it all with Sucafina Originals.

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Brazil Cascavel Vermelha

Profile: Sweet, Red Fruits | Score: 84+ | Grade: NY2 16+

Our Cascavel Vermelha (Portuguese for red) has lots of red fruit and refined sweetness. One taste of its consistent 84 SCA cup score will make you reconsider any fear you may have had of its namesake, the rattlesnake.

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Brazil Cascavel Verde

Profile: Sweet, citrus | Score: 84+ | Grade: NY2 16+

Our Cascavel Verde (Portuguese for green) is sweet, versatile Brazil with notes of brown sugar and a citrus-like acidity. One taste of its consistent 84 SCA cup score will make you reconsider any fear you may have had of its namesake, the rattlesnake.

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Burundi Inyambo

Profile: Dark Chocolate, Apple | Score: 82-83 | Grade: FW15+

With their signature arching horns, Inyambo cattle are majestic and elegant. Cows are sacred in Burundi and symbolize wealth. They are often given to honor strong friendships. Its farm-level traceability and an 82 to 83 SCA cup means our high-quality, Fully washed Inyambo blend is sure to be your next best friend!

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Burundi Turaco

Profile: Forest Fruit, Vanilla | Score: 84+ | Grade: RFA, FW15+

Named for the brightly-colored birds spotted across Burundi, our Fully washed Turaco specialty blend is sure to catch your attention. The high-quality cup is selected by our experienced QC teams at origin. Our vertically integrated sourcing chain makes this coffee’s journey as efficient as the proverbial bird flies.  

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Colombia Bochica

Profile: Chocolate, Creamy | Score: 84-85 | Grade: FW 15+

Bochica was the Muisca father of modern civilization. He brought morality and law to the people and taught them agriculture. Our Colombia Bochica blend will also bring order to your life. The blend is carefully selected by our QC origin teams and is faithful to the traditional washed profile associated with Colombia: think well-rounded, full body, chocolate and fruit-forward with bright

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China KongQue

Profile: dark chocolate, stone fruit, sweet | Cup score: | Grade: Scr. 16+

In China, it's believed that KongQue, the peacock, brings good fortunes to the families whose land he nests on. Trust KongQue to lead you to the right place, like our Sucafina Originals KongQue blend, and you’ll be sure to find the beautiful cup and consistent taste of this high-quality coffee from Yunnan, China. KongQue is uniform and balanced, with a strong sweetness, body and acidity.

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Colombia Huitaca

Profile: Bright Acidity, Fruity | Score: 84-85 | Grade: FW 15+

Huitaca was the Muisca goddess of music and loved nothing better than a party. Her Bacchanalian tendencies didn’t go over well with Bochica, and as punishment, he turned her into a white owl. Huitaca is sourced from some of the best farmers across Colombia's most famous coffee-growing departments and has a delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma. At an assured 84+ cup score, Huitaca can definitely PARTY ON!

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Colombia Tumbaga

Profile: Balanced, Chocolate, Sweet | Grade: Decaf, EP 

Our Tumbaga is named for an alloy of gold, copper, and silver that was used throughout Colombia to make small, often religious, objects. This alloy symbolically married the contradictory energies of sun (gold) and moon (silver), producing a balance between opposites, much like our Tumbaga Sugarcane Decaf. An excellent cup without the caffeine, our Tumbaga will energize you without keeping you up at night. 

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Indonesia Trenggiling

Profile: Spice, Chocolate, Herbal | Score: 84+ | Grade: Wet Hulled

Trenggiling is the name for the endangered Indonesian pangolin, which lives in Sumatra and more specifically in the coffee growing regions of North Sumatra and Aceh.  The species is protected and threatened by illegal trade.

Trenggiling is also a nod to 'giling basah' (wet hulled process). This coffee displays a classic Indonesian cup profile: full bodied, earthy, spicy, with flavors of dark chocolate and herbal notes. This unique flavor profile is rarely achieved from other origins and owes to the combination of geography, soil, climate, varieties, and the wet-hulled processing method.

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Kenya Sangalai

Profile: Juicy Berries, Complex Acidity | Score: 86+ | Grade: AA (Screens 17/18), AB (15/16) and Peaberry (PB)

Sangalai is the word for bull elephant in Samburu, a language indigenous to Northern Kenya.  In the savannah, Sangalai reigns. Our Sangalai rules. Selected by our Kenyan QC teams, Sangalai is sourced from some of Kenya's best coffee producers and washing stations and is available at an accessible price that supports roaster success and producer resilience. It's also delicious - chock full of juicy berries, great body and complex acidity.

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Kenya Swara

Profile: Balanced, Full-Bodied | Score: 84+ | Grade: AA (Screens 17/18), AB (15/16) and Peaberry (PB)

Named for the graceful and elegant gazelle, our Swara - Swahili for gazelle - will put a spring in your step. Like the gazelle, this quintessentially Kenyan coffee packs an impressive punch despite a small price tag. Selected by our Kenyan QC teams, this sprightly blend is sourced to deliver benefit to farmers and roasters, alike.  Its classic, high quality Kenyan profile is balanced, complex and full-bodied.

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Kenya Duma

Profile: Caramel, Chocolate, Spice | Score: 80+ | Grade: ABC

Our Duma, named for the Swahili word for Cheetah, marries an understanding of roasters’ and farmers’ needs to produce a consistent, 80+ SCA cup blend that’s available in larger volumes.

Duma is sourced primarily through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange Auction. While farmers may make more money when their small, higher quality lots are sold at auction, the small size of such lots means that they still depend on selling the rest of their harvest at reasonable prices. This is where we step in! We ensure that ALL farmers' hard work gets the best possible return. Duma offers roasters consistent products in greater volume for blending while ensuring a good price for farmers for their whole harvest. 

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PNG Lamari

Profile: Mandarin Orange, Black Tea | Score: 83-84 | Grade: B

Our Lamari blend is named for the Lamari River that flows through Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands. It is selected by our PNG QC team from a wide selection of coffees sourced from a large network of smallholders in the Lamari River Valley. 

Lamari offers an 83 to 84 SCA cup score with dark chocolate, mandarin orange, and black tea flavors that are accompanied by pronounced sweetness, a clean finish and a light-to-medium body. The remarkable quality of this coffee is a direct result of years of extension services and work with smallholder producer groups on improving picking, pulping, sorting, fermentation and drying practices.

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Rwanda Isimbi

Profile: Juicy, Sweet, Chocolate | Score: 84+ | Grade: RFA, UTZ, FW15+

When selecting coffee for our Isimbi blend, our QC team is inspired by its namesake, the Kinyarwanda word for the white at the top of a volcano that’s also used to refer to something pure. At an 84+ cup with juicy fruit & sweet chocolatey notes, our Isimbi finds the sweet spot and is great for blends, filter or espresso coffees. With RFA/Utz certification, our Isimbi is also super sustainably produced. Pure coffee perfection!

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Tanzania Ol Doniyo

Profile: Juicy, Sweet, Complex | Score: 82+ | Grade: AA (Screens 17/18), AB (15/16) and Peaberry (PB)

Named for the Maasai word for mountains, our Ol Doniyo blend showcases coffees sourced from smallholder farmers cultivating coffee in some of Tanzania’s highest altitude growing regions. With our Ol Doniyo, you can taste the benefits of the warm days and cool nights of Tanzania’s mountains with this 82+ SCA cup.

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Tanzania Korongo

Profile: Juicy Berries, Complex Acidity | Score: 84+ | Grade: AA (Screens 17/18), AB (15/16) and Peaberry (PB)

The flamingo, called Korongo in Swahili, stands out for its unique, bright pink coloring. Like the flamingo, our Korongo blend immediately attracts attention with its pronounced sweetness, full body and prominent acidity. Vertical-integration and whole-harvest sourcing enable us to source Korongo’s 84+ SCA cup in significant volumes at a price that supports roaster success and producer resilience.

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Uganda Engeya

Profile: Dried fruit, cacao | Score: 84+ | Grade: Scr. 15+

Engeya is named after the blue monkey that is unique to the Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. Gentle and Unique. Smart and Agile. Our Engeya blend promises to be the smartest blend in your portfolio.

At an 84+ cup score, Engeya combines the unique traits of East African coffees, acidity and fruity notes, while distinguishing itself with a roundness and balanced cup that’s unlike any other origin in the region. This coffee is great for filters, pour over or espresso blends.

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