Huitaca: Sucafina Originals

Our Huitaca has a delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma. Every bag of Huitaca purchased supports Sucafina’s sustainability projects in partner communities. Huitaca was the Muisca goddess of music and loved nothing better than a party. At an assured 83+ cup score, Huitaca can definitely PARTY ON!

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Coffee Grade:
FW 15+
Various fully traceable cooperatives, associations and direct partners within the Sucafina Supply Chain
Fully washed
1,300 to 1,700 meters above sea level
Farmers working with Sucafina Colombia
Mainly Huila, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Antioquia
Farm Size:
1 to 4.5 hectares on average
Area Under Coffee:
1 to 4.5 hectares on average
Bag Size:
70kg GrainPro or 30kg Grainpro
Harvest Months:
Year-round, depending on the region

About This Coffee

Huitaca is part of our Sucafina Originals range, our line of consistent and affordable blends directly sourced from our vertically-integrated supply chain. 

Huitaca, an indigenous Colombian goddess of music and sexual liberation, loved nothing better than a party. Her Bacchanalian tendencies didn’t go over well with Bochica, the god of civilization, morals and law, and as punishment, he turned her into a white owl.

Every bag of Huitaca purchased contributes to our sustainability projects in partner communities.

Sustainability projects are just one of the many benefits of Huitaca. Our focus on producer resilience and roaster success means that, like its namesake, our Colombia Huitaca blend will help you and producers across the supply chain to party on.

The party continues all along our supply chain. Huitaca is selected by our experienced QC origin teams at our mill in Neiva. Sourcing from some of the best suppliers across Colombia's most famous coffee-growing departments, Huitaca displays a delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma. With an assured 83+ cup score, we’d call it a steal, even though Bochica wouldn’t approve. PARTY ON, Huitaca!

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out Huitaca’s sister blend, Bochica, it’s faithful to the traditional washed profile associated with Colombia: well-rounded, full body, chocolate and fruit-forward with bright acidity.

Harvest & Post-Harvest

Our Huitaca is sourced from smallholder farmers from Colombia's most famous coffee-growing regions. The farmers typically use the traditional Fully washed method of processing. Cherry is selectively handpicked and then pulped, usually on the farm. After pulping, coffee is fermented in tanks for 26 to 36 hours. Then, parchment is washed in clean water and laid on parabolic beds to sundry for up to 20 days.  Sucafina is also supporting communities through our sustainability programs. A premium from every bag each bag of Huitaca will go to support projects in partner communities.

Our Huitaca marries this year-round supply chain with bright acidity, medium body, sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma

Coffee in Colombia

Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee renowned for their full body, bright acidity and rich aftertaste, since the early 19th century.

Colombia boasts a wide range of climates and geographic conditions that, in turn, produce their own unique flavors in coffee. This also means that harvest times can vary quite a bit. In fact, between all its different regions, Colombia produces fresh crop nearly all year round.

The increasing focus on the specialty industry is changing the way traders and farmers do business. It is becoming more common for farmers to isolate the highest quality beans in their lots to market separately. These higher-quality lots are often sold under specific brands or stories.

Besides its wide variety of cup profiles, Colombia has quickly expanded its certification options over the past 10 years. The most common certifications available are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Organic.

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