Queen Robusta IMPACT 

IMPACT verification rewards farmers for observing human and environmental protections while upholding coffee quality and traceability. 

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Coffee Grade:
Various farmers
Central Highlands
Bag Size:
60kg Jute
Harvest Months:
Central Highlands: November - January | North Vietnam: October - January

About This Coffee

This Natural Robusta coffee is grown by farmers in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Their farms are IMPACT-verified. IMPACT provides assurance that the practices along Sucafina's supply chain are compliant with a range of social, environmental and economic standards. 

Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee played in a major role in Vietnam’s stunning economic transformation from the extreme poverty in the late-1980s to the relative prosperity in the 2010s. Our Vietnam offerings highlight some of the best that the country has to offer, including more recent forays into specialty coffees.

The main variety planted in Vietnam is Catimor, a hybrid of Caturra and Timor (itself an Arabica-Robusta hybrid). While Catimor boasts high yields and high disease-resistance, it’s not typically prized for its cup quality. So, many producers are turning to other varieties to produce more dynamic and higher-paying coffees.

Producers are also focusing on improving their selection and processing techniques. This focus on improvement begins at harvest time. Farmers and their workers have begun to employ more selective harvesting techniques, and better post-harvest quality controls are increasingly being implemented.

Other producers are venturing into experimental processing to increase harvest quality and, ultimately, sale price. Some producers are focusing on yeast or enzyme fermentations, others are using anaerobic fermentation. At this point, most of this experimentation is used on microlots. In the future, more farmers may turn to processing most or all of their harvest using advanced or experimental processes to help increase sale prices.

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