Friday, December 3, 2021

Exciting Changes are Coming!

Exciting changes are coming to Sucafina! We pride ourselves in having excellent people who facilitate deep networks that share expertise, build capacity and add value across our supply chain. In a wave of internal promotions, we’re adding value by promoting knowledgeable, experienced staff to both our destination and our origin operations.

In January, Sucafina NV’s longtime Managing Director, Cory Bush, heads off to his next adventure at our sister company. We’re thrilled to welcome our new Managing Director, Max Veglio, who comes from RWACOF (Sucafina in Rwanda), where he is Managing Director. We’re also excited to announce new positions for several Sucafina employees who are leaving their mark.

Max’s role in RWACOF will be assumed by Harrison Koch, currently of COTACOF (Sucafina in Tanzania). Additionally, Ross Khaitbaev, previously Managing Director of Sucafina Australia and Specialty Senior Trader at Sucafina Colombia will be taking over at Sucafina Tanzania. Finally, Alex Casserly, Trader at Sucafina Australia will be assuming the position of Managing Director at Sucafina PNG.

These advancements are well deserved. Max is a graduate of Sucafina’s internal professional advancement program, Sparks. Ross and Alex are also currently enrolled in the program. The program prepares young employees for management positions with mentorship and educational opportunities.

We wish the best of luck to Cory, Max, Harrison, Ross and Alex on their new positions!