Gregory Oddo

Gregory Oddo

How you started in coffee  – I was brought in by Noble Group as a junior meteorologist tasked with handling the weather forecasting needs for the agricultural desks.   I was sent on crop tour to places like Brazil and Vietnam, given a hands-on experience to understanding the unique microclimates of the coffee areas.  Many of my former colleagues at Noble are now my coworkers here at Sucafina.   Things have come full-circle!

 What you love about coffee  – Given my weather background, I think it’s pretty amazing how much these micro climates impact the type of coffee produced in a specific area and what varieties of coffee can be grown.  It’s a small and unique industry inside the bigger agricultural commodities basket.  I have met some very interesting and talented people over the years.

 Your go-to karaoke song –  Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low

Your favorite hobby – I love to ski in the winter, golf in the summer. 

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