Danna Wasserman

Danna Wasserman

How you started in coffee – I have always been an avid coffee consumer, but after I interned at a Fairtrade education program in college, I became interested in how impactful certain products could be. Around the same time, I met some coffee folks in New Orleans (where I was in school). I realized coffee combined so many different areas of interest for me: travel, sustainability, and sensory development. I graduated from Tulane knowing I really wanted to get into the industry, and feel incredibly lucky that I was able to!

What you love about coffee –  I love the relationships it builds and the great people that coffee seems to attract. I’ve had a blast getting to know other traders, roasters, producers, and farmers. I also love cupping coffee.

Your go-to karaoke song – Patches by Clarence Carter

Your favorite hobby – Running, playing tennis, and consuming/exploring good food

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