Uganda Robusta IMPACT


Bag Size:
Harvest Months:
October– February (Main crop) | April–August (Fly crop)

About This Coffee

This Robusta is IMPACT-verified. IMPACT is Sucafina's responsible sourcing program that is created with farmers and roasters in mind. IMPACT-verified coffees assure roasters that their coffees are produced in a way that supports farmer resilience and ensures a fair and decent standard of living for those growing our coffee. IMPACT helps connect farmers and roasters to ensure better conditions for farmers and improved traceability for roasters. 

Coffee in Uganda

Uganda is the native home to one species of Robusta, and commercial coffee production in the country goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. 

Our partner, UGACOF/Sucafina Uganda is committed to improving quality in Uganda by building new washing stations and infrastructure and training personnel in the region. Collaborations with our FarmerHub program and our sustainability partner, the Kahawatu Foundation, are building upon our work to expand farmers’ access to better resources and better training. Our connections to our more established operations in nearby Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya offer us advice and a perspective steeped in a familiarity with East Africa.

The bulk of our work in Uganda is focused in the West, near the Rwenzori Mountains. The biggest difference between East (Mount Elgon) and West (Rwenzori) is that Mount Elgon is a more established and competitive market. We are excited to be at the forefront of the drive for enhancing coffee production infrastructure, developing the industry and becoming reliable partners for farmers in the Rwenzori Mountain region.

It is clear to us that the potential in this region might exceed our expectations and even the potential of the popular Mount Elgon region. With an ever-growing demand for high quality Arabicas and a sustained interest from roasters and coffee drinkers in the East African origins, we are very confident that, with diligence and effort, Western Ugandan coffees will be able to take their place alongside the other great East African coffees. ​

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