Frequently Asked Questions: Asia Pacific

Have a burning question? You can always get in touch, but you may find what you are looking for in our FAQs, below!


MTC is now Sucafina.  We are the same team that you know and have worked with for years, but with a new name and fresh visual identity. 

As Sucafina we help roasters across Asia Pacific and beyond to find the right coffee for any quality or budget. 

You can find out more about us and our ‘Source smart’ approach by reading Our Manifesto and Our Approach.

Our Hong Kong office address is: Rm. A6, 11/F., Block A, Mai Hing Industrial Building, 16-18 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Our Sydney office address is: Suite 3/84-94 Mullens Street, Balmain NSW 2041 Australia.

Our New Zealand office address is: PO Box 19812, Woolston, Christchurch 8241, New Zealand.

Our Yunnan offices are: 22nd Floor, Building C5, International Silver Plaza, China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Kunming, China 650214.

We also have Green Coffee Merchants based in Seoul and Bandung. Our team is very diverse, and we love to travel. If you’d like to schedule a meet up, please reach out.

We keep a diverse range of coffees in the following bonded and licensed warehouses in: Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Aukland, Christchurch and Shanghai.

For the exact addresses at which to load your coffees, please contact us.

You can find the last update of our General Terms & Conditions here or in our footer, below. 

We can ship most places throughout Asia Pacific. 

We also ship to Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America through our Sucafina sister companies.

Quality Control & Lab

Sucafina has rigorous quality standards. Every coffee we purchase is selected on the basis of cup quality.

Our coffees are always assessed and approved by our experienced cupping team and quality control lab assistants. We buy coffee from trusted partners (very often from our own, vertically integrated supply chain), and we cup each coffee multiple times before it ships and upon arrival.

In addition to assessing cup quality, we maintain strict SCA standards for green assessment. Our lab analyzes each coffee’s moisture content and density upon arrival.

Quality is always checked against the quality specified in the contract (i.e. screen distribution and defect count). This is not only to ensure you of the coffee quality but also to perform a Critical Control Points analysis for our OTA risk management procedure.

We follow SCA standards for both defect and cup quality. Each of our coffees is given a cup score and a cup description for your reference.

Our Sydney Lab is equipped with BWT bestaqua 14 ROC coffee water filtration system (Hong Kong & Indonesia currently use the same system too) 

In Hong Kong and Sydney we use a PAWKIT PK00008920 to test water activity and Sinar BeanPro Moisture Analyser 6070 for moisture. Our Labs use Ikawa sample roasters and a Ditting KF 804’s for grinding.

Our New Zealand lab uses a Roest sample roaster, Ditting KR804 grinder and a carbon block water filtration system.

Yes. We are happy to supply both green (100 grams) and roasted (40 grams) samples to you upon request. Roasted samples will be roasted to a standard sample roasting profile designed for cupping.

We are sometimes able to supply small numbers of larger samples upon request, depending on availability. 

Samples are best ordered from our offerings page. Once logged in, you can make a sample request directly to us. 

Ethics & Sustainablity

We are fully committed to the highest ethical standards across our partner supply chains and within our own company. We strive to be transparent and equitable in all our relationships with both suppliers and clients. Our whole-farm sourcing policy helps find homes for the entire range of coffee qualities each farm or washing station produces. This ensures better income for farmers and better options for roasters. Our sustainability pillars are Caring for People, Investing in Farmers and Protecting Our Planet. These are at the core of everything we do and drive our sustainability programs.

All of our suppliers must comply with applicable international and national laws and standards in relation to labor practices and human rights, including slavery and human trafficking legislation. We do not tolerate child labor or any practice that limits childhood development. Suppliers must ensure that all wages and labor practices meet local minimum wage requirements.

As part of the Sucafina Group, we fully support the Swiss commodity sector guidance on implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. You can see the full policy here.

In cases where we have doubts about whether a supplier shares our values – commitment to human rights, environmental stewardship, social welfare and innovation – we will share these doubts and push for corrective measures. If required, we cease to continue to work with them.

Equally, we are committed to supplying a safe, equitable and nurturing workplace for all our employees, and we expect the same of our clients.

IMPACT, Sucafina’s responsible sourcing standard, is designed to benefit actors across the supply chain, from farmers to roasters, while creating a fairer, more sustainable supply chain. IMPACT’s standard was guided by the Global Coffee Platform’s Sustainability Reference Code, making it easy for companies to compare its standards to other verification programs.

We also source Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic-certified coffees.

We seek transparency in our relations with suppliers and clients alike. For more detailed information on our transparency activities and our ethical stance, see our Manifesto, Our Approach, our Group Code of Conduct and our annual sustainability report.

Of course. We feature Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Fair Trade Organic, and Organic coffees as core components of our regular coffee offerings.

Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to certification compliance.  Sustainability is at the core of who we are as a company, from offering better farm gate pricing for farmers through to helping farmers improve soil fertility and improve yields. You can read more about our various initiatives here.

We are 100% focused on green coffee. We are unique in that we offer our clients a range of coffees from a wide range of origins: Macro-lot to Micro-lot.

We are vertically and horizontally integrated. Our sister companies at origin work directly with farmers and source high-quality coffees at fair prices. In consuming countries, we have sister companies that sell commercial and soluble coffee, finding a home for every coffee. All this means we are more efficient, can provide better value and offer a diversity of expertise from our global network of coffee professionals.

Sustainability is at the heart of who we are as a company. We are involved in numerous initiatives around the world and are constantly evaluating our supply chain for ways to do more.

We are a solution-oriented company focused on both spot and direct shipments. Compared to our larger competitors, we’re lighter on overhead and more flexible. Compared to our smaller competitors, we have deeper roots in origin and better economies of scale.

We have a strong, unique legacy and heritage, yet we are future-oriented, highly adaptable and innovative. 

Our online position management portal is unique in the business and better than any other importer portal out there.


Yes, we can.

Our team is diverse and comes to coffee from a multitude of backgrounds. This diversity is our strength. We make few assumptions, we constantly question and strive to improve.

We can provide advice on a wide range of issues in roasting, from troubleshooting profiles to finding an engineer to fix your roaster.  With our experience and wide network at origin, we can also help you plan your coffee supply for the next few months, the year, or well into the future.

We have first-hand knowledge of a variety of different coffee communities and markets across the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa regions. Our experience and insight are at your service when planning for profitability and success.

Customer Service is one of our top priorities, and what we don’t know, we can help you find out!

To start, there are a few things we need to know about you and your company. Please create an online account with us, someone will be in touch soon, and then you can start to track your orders and review your position online.

After processing your order, we will send you a contract as confirmation and our invoice for payment. After receiving your payment confirmation, we will prepare your order for pick up. Please be aware that this process can take up to 2-3 days.

Our minimum order is one unit (bag or box) of any coffee we offer. The unit size is mentioned on our price list under ‘bag type’ next to each coffee. This will vary between 20 kg and 70 kg. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer amounts smaller than the listed unit.

A coffee contract is a legal binding document that lists the rights and obligations of each party. You have received a contract for two reasons: first, to enable you to double check that what your ordered (origin, quality, quantity, price, delivery terms, credit terms,etc.) has been correctly processed by us; second, so that you know your rights and your obligations when you order coffee.

It is important to read and return a signed copy of the contract after you receive it.

You can change your order as long as no invoice and no customs formalities have been issued and only if your order has not already been prepared on a pallet.

Once an order has been translated to a contract cancellation is only at the discretion of Sucafina management.   Our friendly staff are happy to help talk you through the best options for your roasting requirements before contracting anything.

In addition to the terms mentioned on the contract, we make sure all customs formalities required in your country are issued. Upon request we can provide you with the CMR (proof that goods have been loaded) and packing list.

 Sure! If you want to seize the opportunity of a low market, want to take advantage of a favorable currency position or just want to secure your price now to be delivered in the future, we can help you put coffees on contract for future delivery. Contact us for more details.

 While we would love to share our delicious coffees with the whole world, we are currently only able to supply roasters and other related businesses.

There are plenty of businesses that supply home roasters with green coffee – let us know if you need a recommendation, and we’ll try and help!

We are in daily contact with exporters and farmers for sourcing and logistics. Our extensive experience means we can help your company by shipping and importing your coffees. If you are interested in having us act on your behalf for your direct trade logistics, feel free to contact us for more details.

Payment & Credit

We are able to offer deferred payment terms however; approval must be granted by our internal credit risk team as well as our credit insurer. Both entities will assess the risk and may request recent financials from your company.

To apply for credit terms, you may send your request and all the necessary information to us.

Our finance department will treat your request confidentially and will reply to you after receiving the decision of our insurer.

You will receive an invoice via email in a .pdf format unless otherwise specified. Each invoice will contain your company name, address and ABN (/relevant NZ & Asian) number (if applicable) followed by our invoice number or numbers.

If you are ordering coffees from many contracts or origins, you will receive one invoice with several reference numbers across the top. Below this line you will find the details of each coffee you have purchased, as well as any additional charges, along with our bank information for your payment.

At the bottom of your invoice you will find our conditions of payment.

 In Hong Kong we accept bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or cheque. Please note if you use cheque this will take an extra day to process.

In Australia and New Zealand we accept bank transfer or credit card payment.

In China we accept bank transfer. 

Our bank information is printed at the bottom of your invoice.

When making a payment, please always mention your invoice number or numbers in order to avoid inconsistencies or confusion.

For security purposes, we will never contact you via telephone or email asking you to pay on another account.

For further questions regarding your invoice please contact us.

This will depend on where your business is located.  Please check with your local accountant or reach out to our team for further support.

To apply for credit terms, you may send your request and all the necessary information to

Pricelist and Samples

Samples are free of charge. You can usually order samples of spot coffees that are available from any of our warehouse. From our offerings page, just login to the portal and click 'order sample' next to each coffee’s unique reference.  

Please note that our standard green sample size is 100 grams. If you can’t roast that volume, we can provide roasted samples of 40 grams.  All sample requests are subject to availability and are at our discretion.

We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter by clicking the link in our footer . Our newsletter features our latest coffee offers, new arrivals, harvest updates and news from our global network of coffee professionals.

You can also apply to create an online account with us, where you can track your orders and review your position. When you sign up for an online account, you will also have the opportunity to sign up for our weekly updates.  

Our current offerings can be found here

We update our prices regularly based on the current world market both for coffees and currencies. We offer transparent, tiered pricing, meaning the more coffee you order at one time, the sharper your price offer. If you have further questions about our list or availability of specific coffees please contact us.


For shipments to New Zealand, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia we can consolidate with Australia and tranship if required and as long as the importer holds coffee in the same warehouse.

Hong Kong: If payment has been received by 4pm you can collect coffee the next day, for delivery this will be an added day. If you want your order to be transported elsewhere in Asia, please contact our team for more details.

Melbourne/ Sydney: If you are an existing customer and place your order before 11:00 am AEST, your order will be ready to be collected starting from the next weekday afternoon. If you want your order to be transported elsewhere, it will take approximately 1-2 additional business day for deliveries to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and up to five working days to elsewhere in Australia.

Auckland: Coffees can be delivered from our Warehouse in Auckland 1-2 days and 2-4 days elsewhere in North Island. Stock from Christchurch Warehouse can be delivered to Christchurch in 1 day and elsewhere South Island 2-4 Days.

Mainland China:

Yes we can! We are able to arrange transport by sea, air or road to all Asia Pacific countries and throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Contact us for more info.

In Australia we can load up to 16 x 60kg bags onto a pallet, 32 x 30 kg bags on a pallet, or 40x 20 kg Stacks

In Hong Kong we can load up to 20 x 30kg bags for transport.

In New Zealand we can do 12 x 60kg bags per pallet.

In Mainland China we can load up to 16 x 60 bags on a pallet.  

Standard prices are based on collecting or loading loose bags. If you prefer, we can put your order on a skid. Additional options include wrapping and/or strapping. Palletizing and wrapping may incur additional costs.