How to Order from us

Want to Source Smart? Ordering for the first time? Please create an account with us, and someone will be in touch soon. Be sure to check out our handy FAQs below. 


We keep a diverse range of coffees in the following bonded and licensed warehouses in: Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Aukland, Christchurch and Shanghai.

For the exact addresses at which to load your coffees, please contact us.

We can ship most places throughout Asia Pacific. 

We also ship to Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America through our Sucafina sister companies.


To start, there are a few things we need to know about you and your company. Please create an online account with us, someone will be in touch soon, and then you can start to track your orders and review your position online.

After processing your order, we will send you a contract as confirmation and our invoice for payment. After receiving your payment confirmation, we will prepare your order for pick up. Please be aware that this process can take up to 2-3 days.

 While we would love to share our delicious coffees with the whole world, we are currently only able to supply roasters and other related businesses.

There are plenty of businesses that supply home roasters with green coffee – let us know if you need a recommendation, and we’ll try and help!

Our minimum order is one unit (bag or box) of any coffee we offer. The unit size is mentioned on our price list under ‘bag type’ next to each coffee. This will vary between 20 kg and 70 kg. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer amounts smaller than the listed unit.

 Sure! If you want to seize the opportunity of a low market, want to take advantage of a favorable currency position or just want to secure your price now to be delivered in the future, we can help you put coffees on contract for future delivery. Contact us for more details.


In Australia we can load up to 16 x 60kg bags onto a pallet, 32 x 30 kg bags on a pallet, or 40x 20 kg Stacks

In Hong Kong we can load up to 20 x 30kg bags for transport.

In New Zealand we can do 12 x 60kg bags per pallet.

In Mainland China we can load up to 16 x 60 bags on a pallet.  

Standard prices are based on collecting or loading loose bags. If you prefer, we can put your order on a skid. Additional options include wrapping and/or strapping. Palletizing and wrapping may incur additional costs.

Yes we can! We are able to arrange transport by sea, air or road to all Asia Pacific countries and throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Contact us for more info.

Hong Kong: If payment has been received by 4pm you can collect coffee the next day, for delivery this will be an added day. If you want your order to be transported elsewhere in Asia, please contact our team for more details.

Melbourne/ Sydney: If you are an existing customer and place your order before 11:00 am AEST, your order will be ready to be collected starting from the next weekday afternoon. If you want your order to be transported elsewhere, it will take approximately 1-2 additional business day for deliveries to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and up to five working days to elsewhere in Australia.

Auckland: Coffees can be delivered from our Warehouse in Auckland 1-2 days and 2-4 days elsewhere in North Island. Stock from Christchurch Warehouse can be delivered to Christchurch in 1 day and elsewhere South Island 2-4 Days.

Mainland China:

For shipments to New Zealand, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia we can consolidate with Australia and tranship if required and as long as the importer holds coffee in the same warehouse.