Our Manifesto

The way that we source and trade green coffee MUST improve the sustainability of the entire industry.

True Sustainability is shared profitability

Shared profitability lies behind everything we do. This is why shared value and equity is central to our ethos.  We drive a greater fairness of outcomes for everyone along the supply chain. 

Specialty is an approach, not a product

While we mainly focus on specialty coffee, we recognize that every farm produces a variety of different qualities.  Sucafina Specialty works with farmers to find homes for as much of their coffee as possible.  We buy and sell it all, from macro-lot to micro-lot.

Adapt to thrive

The coffee industry moves quickly. We do not want to merely survive. We must adapt to thrive. And we are determined that our entire supply chain, from our customers through to our partners at origin, thrive with us.

At the middle lies the heart

‘The middle’ gets a bad rap. But we OWN ‘the middle’.

We are proud that our position as an importer enables us to equitably deliver value to our partners at origin and our customers around the globe. We are proud of our 100+ years of supply chain management and commodities trading. We are also proud that while this heritage provides a stable foundation, it does not limit our future-centric outlook and commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Yeah. We are good with the middle.

In it for the long haul

Short-term returns are important, but our goal is long-term and long-lasting impact. 

We know that true success does not simply lie in what happens immediately next. In everything we do, we think about long-term implications and impacts. This is why we continually invest in our partners at origin. This is why we have created a flexible, innovative online position management portal. This is why we’ve been thriving for more than 100 years.

Proudly multinational

Do we speak all the languages? Probably, yeah.

We are part of a global network of green coffee professionals. This is why we are able to provide you with the service, the coffee, the value that we are known for. 

To be a great global company you have to start where people live. We take local connections to heart.

We are a Multinational Corporation. But we are also a family-owned company, and we are bottom-up, not top-down.

Humility drives success

Stand up. Be Humble.

We have audacious goals. We also recognize that we cannot revolutionize the world overnight.

By admitting our constraints and celebrating the small victories, we maintain a realistic overview of the work we are doing and its potential for change. At the same time, our goals hold up an ideal to guide and inspire us.

Technology makes things better

From Blockchain-enabled ledgers to using digital services to make farmers bankable to simply having (ahem) the very best online position management portal around, we are at the forefront of using technology to make the coffee universe better. For everyone.